I remember the book---"Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars"----Despite the stereotypes, there are some ways men and women are actually the same – whether guys admit it or not:


Men Love Fashion – No guy, if he’s honest, will admit to caring about how he looks.

Men Are Bad Drivers – While women are involved in more minor car accidents, guys are much more likely to be involved in fatal car crashes.

Men Are Emotionally Unstable – If you’ve ever yelled at the TV during a sporting event, you’ve got to know that such behavior is…well…not exactly a sign of level-headedness.

Men Like Bad TV – Some of the ridiculous shows aimed at men include crap about pawn shops, alligator wrestlers and redneck bounty hunters.

Men Are Neurotic – While women might obsess about relationships and their appearance, guys worry about what people think about them and business. Different topics, but the same level of anxiety. (Guyism.com)