Since it IS Christmas time....and if you have a man to buy for----take heed here ladies.   Your man may leave his wishlist open on your computer for you to take a look at.  There's still a pretty good chance you may get him something he really doesn't want for Christmas.  According to a recent survey--here's some of the worst Christmas presents that women get for their men:



Clothing, especially ties – The exception might be a sweatshirt of his favorite pro or college sports teams--that is ALWAYS a great choice.

Grilling equipment – This is the male equivalent of buying a woman some sort of kitchen appliance with the thought----. “Use this the next time you make me some food.”

A watch – Many year ago this would have been a great gift. These days, glancing at your cell phone tells your man the time.

A DVD set of a TV show – With Netflix and computers – generally guys don’t like clutter. DVDs take up space that doesn’t need to be taken up.
  Unless he asks specifically for a DVD set of a particular show...generally it's not a good gift for him to get.

Couples mani-pedi – This really is a very BAD idea.  Save the manicures and pedicures for time with your gal-pals.

Hope this advice helps!!