Luckily for us, traffic is not too bad of a problem. Even during rush hour, you can still get to one end of town in less than 15- 20 minutes. Yet, the American Community Survey looked at each state to determined the worst city for the average commute to work or school. You'd be surprised at where the worst city for a commute is in North Dakota.

I say that, because when I found out the committee's worst city for commuting in North Dakota, I was surprised. If you're like me, I would have thought Fargo would be at the top of the list. I was wrong.

The survey found Mandan was the worst city for commuting traffic and headaches. With a population of a little less than 20,000, the average commute time was 17.7 minutes.

The methodology uses-

Using data from the American Community Survey (ACS)FindTheHome found the city in every state with the longest average commute time. The data from ACS is a five-year estimate taken from 2010-2014 and excludes cities with populations under 15,000 people.

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Scott Olson/ Getty Images