There are 51,000 storage facilities in the United States, more than seven times the number of Starbucks. And, one in 10 American households now rents a storage unit.
But why? What is so important that it needs to kept in the first place? Is the stuff in all those storage units across the country THAT important and that valuable? The storage units aren't cheap, of course. Over the years, you can rack up hundreds -- and even thousands -- of dollars in rental fees. If you compare what you're spending and what's in there, is it really worth it? When was the last time you visited your storage unit? Has it been so long that you don't even remember what's in there? Do you have stuff in there that was valuable to you at one time but now is pretty much worthless? Are there college books in there? Old furniture? Old computer equipment? Ugly clothes? Cassette tapes? OR---are you a candidate for that hoarders show???