With it being Fathers Day Weekend, I made my "JJ Hemingway list of things that women and families expect us men to do."   And here's my list and from what I can see--I'm doing pretty good and most of these I can do!!   Which is a very pleasant surprise!!



Grill--I'm really good with steak and pork chops!

Drive a stick shift--my 1972 Volvo that I just sold was a 4-speed with overdrive and my 1999 Toyota RAV 4 is a 5-speed.

Change a tire----haven't had to do this is a long time, but I CAN!

Operate a drill----again I rarely drill, but I CAN DO IT!

Troubleshoot a broken appliance---For me, it won't work, IF it's not plugged in.  This is my one shortcoming.

Assemble furniture---This is one of the most frustrating things on the list here, especially IF it says "Easy Assembly" on the box.

Use a lawnmower---I'm good at mowing!!

Find your way around---Generally good at this.

Free a stuck car----That I can do!!

Defend your lady---I will always some to the aid of my Sherry---ALWAYS!!!