I did a little research and ff you want to sound like a genius to your friends on at work when you're talking about the big game just drop some of these gems of trivia on them:

Each winner of this year’s game gets $88,000. The losers get $44,000.

Minnesota, Denver, Buffalo and New England have all lost four Super Bowls.

The oldest winning coach in Super Bowl history was Tom Coughlin at age 65 in 2012. The youngest was Mike Tomlin, who was 36 when he won it all in 2009.

The ticket prices for Super Bowl I were $6, $10 and $12. The ticket prices last year were $600, $800, $900 and $1,200.

The price of a 30-second commercial for Super Bowl I in 1967 was $42,000. This year, they’re running $3.8 million.

Americans consumed 1.23 billion chicken wings during the Super Bowl this year.

All of the 57,000 hotel rooms in New Orleans and the surrounding area are sold out.