Surprisingly I have NO plans to do any shopping this Black Friday Weekend.   I don't have too many people on my Christmas list to buy for and I will try waiting for things to calm down a bit.   Some people did head out on Thanksgiving night, or up really early on Friday morning.   It has almost become a sport!  See what you can bag.  However I've discovered prices a few months ago were actually lower than some of the Black Friday Prices.    Experts says there are certain things you should NOT buy during Black Friday Weekend and thought I'd share them with you---so maybe you'll save a few bucks!!


•Toys – Usually it's the middle of December when the prices on toys go down!

•Brand-Name TVs - While Black Friday is an excellent time to buy a new TV, the really low prices will happen with off-brand sets.

•Winter Clothes – Best time to buy winter clothing is around the end of January when they all go on clearance prices.

•Jewelry and Watches – Wanna save bucks on a watch or a gem or two, the holidays are the worst time to buy either of those.  If you can---wait til the holidays are over!   (