It happens to me and it happens to you----Everyone gets stressed out now and then. There are plenty of things you can do to relieve stress (yoga, reading, etc.), but here are some things that make stress worse ...


1. Obsessing over stress. Focusing on stressful thoughts just makes them worse.


2. Not taking time off. After a stressful situation, your body needs a break to



3. Giving in to cravings. Don't look for comfort food to make you feel better.

Sure, it'll make you feel better for a little while, but later, you'll feel guilty and



4. Venting. It's good to talk, but sharing negative things keeps negative emotions



5. Not sleeping enough. Not getting enough sleep is bad for your mind and your



6. Surrounding yourself with bad news. Stick to happy movies when you're



7. Seeking stimulation. Not a good idea -- it can amplify your stress.


8. Playing video games. They may be fun, but they can make you more anxious.


9. Isolating yourself. When we're stressed, we tend to stay by ourselves, but we

need our friends and family to support us.


10. Being lethargic. Stress hormones flood the body. Moving your body helps

you "discharge" those hormones and relax yourself. So, if you're stressed,

hit the gym.