Christmastime is exciting as ever. Everywhere you look, there's hustle and bustle.

But even though yearly spending on Christmas continues to rise, there are some holiday traditions that seem to be going away, including:

The Office Holiday Party -- Nearly 70 percent of all U.S. offices plan to hold holiday parties this year, but that's down from the 90 percent that partied before 2007.

Tinsel -- People have grown tired of worrying about the hazards of tinsel, such as poisoning, fire and pet problems -- and have moved on to such things as ribbon ... or nothing at all.

High-Wattage Lights -- Today's Christmas lights aren't the hot, bright ones your parents had growing up. These days, you can only get your hands on mini lights, LED lights and cooler burning big-bulb lights.

Spray Cans of Fake Snow -- Not only is this stuff flammable, it creates a total mess.