With high school and college graduation time here.  Everyone wants to be a success and do well in life.  Being a failure is no fun. Don’t let it happen to you.


Here’s a rundown of some things that will crush your chances of being successful--a little advice from Your Early Morning Radio Pal.....

Sleeping in – Winners hit the ground running. They don’t tumble out of bed and slog through their mornings.

Multi-tasking – Anything worth doing should be done right. Focus on doing the important stuff, and dish off – or ignore – all the garbage that doesn’t earn you money.

Paying attention to those who don’t deserve it – The world is full of ignorant people. And, many of them have a lot to say to you. Ignore them.

Being afraid to ask – Life is there for the taking, so politely ask for you want. The worst that can happen is someone will say no, which is just the starting point for most negotiations.

      Procrastinating – Putting things off isn’t smart, because tomorrow hasn’t been promised to us. Get off your butt and start building momentum now. (EliteDaily.com)