It make take you awhile to come to this reality---men and women do indeed have very different thoughts on just what "SEXY" is.   If we thought the same, dating and relationships might be a lot easier to do.   Found some stuff that most women think are sexy, but us guys DON'T!  


•Pouting: Guys are of the opinion that pouting is pretty immature...NOT SEXY!

•Baby talking to your guy:  Men just don't find this even remotely NOT SEXY!!

•Super huge fake boobs:  I know for me this is a BIG turn off and obiously---NOT SEXY!!

•Acting helpless: Faking that you need help isn't attractive, and a woman that is a bit more independent and capable is much more attractive.  Acting helpless---NOT SEXY!!

•Bragging about how attractive other men find you:  This kind of attitude to me shows me someone who is shallow and very self-centered.  And again---NOT SEXY!!! (TheStir)