Do you have a list of things you want to do while you're still relatively young? put out a list of 30 things that you should do before you're 30. Here are some of our favorites here at the "Breakfast Table":

Travel Europe. There's no better time to go gallivanting around foreign countries than when you have the least amount of commitments and responsibilities.

Take Better Care. Living like a rock star when you're young sure is fun ... but it really takes its toll. If you start early, though, you can have a blast and feel great later.

Dye Your Hair Some Insane Color. Being young is all about doing silly things just because you can. So get crazy and dye your hair a color NOT found in nature and take some pics so you have something fun to look back on!

Spend More Time With People Who Won't Be Around Forever. When you're young, you can't imagine a world without the older folks in your family. But no one is around forever -- and you don't want to regret not spending quality time with loved ones. So make the time count now. It'll make you happy and it will mean a lot to those you give your time to.