I remember my grandpa telling me----"J.J.---IF you find yourself in a hole---then stop your digging.  And that's really a truism when you're having a confrontation with the police, whether it's for a traffic infraction or something bigger, or maybe hardly anything at all.  When you're dealing with the guys in uniform with a badge on it's been proven it's a good idea to keep your trap shut!


Here’s a list of things courtesy of your Early Morning Radio Pal---to NOT say to the Police.

•)"Hey---are you that guy from that 70's band The Village People?"

•)"I thought you had to be in fairly good shape to be a police officer."

•)"You're not by chance going to look in the trunk, are you?"

•)"I'm not able to get my driver's license unless you're nice enough to hold my beer, and sure you can have a sip!!"

•)"It's my tax dollars that pay your salary!"

•)"What are the chances that you can give me one of those full cavity searches I've heard so much about?" (BroMyGod.com)