Got a little "Intelligence For Your Life" here from the Breakfast Table's Relationship Department.   We all wanna meet someone special and ladies---have you ever given your phone number to a guy--let's say at a party, a bar and then right away you wish you hadn't?   Instead of spending the next 10 days screening all of your incoming calls--think BEFORE you hand over your number to a stranger!



Ponder these thoughts!!!

Do you actually enjoy this person's company and conversation enough to actually talk to them outside of social situations?  If you're just going to avoid those calls from because you don't feel like talking to him, don't give him your number.

Are you only giving him your number because you want to be nice or you feel bad saying no?  You don't have to be mean when you turn a guy down ... just tell him you don't feel comfortable giving your number out or tell him you don't give your number out but you can take his.

If you don't know the person well ... it's safer to get his contact information instead of giving him yours  Since you be a 21st Century woman – you can contact him. Always go the safe route and don't hand out your contact info if you don't know a guy well.

If you've had too much to drink--DO NOT give out your number  When the drinks are flowing the conversation and attraction can be deceiving.  Think ahead of time and plan to not give out your phone number! (GURL)