Hey---in case you haven't noticed---it IS Girl Scout Cookie Time.   I'm a BIG FAN of the Thin Mints!  I will buy 2-3 boxes and store them away in my freezer and enjoy them as a little special treat all year long!   On Saturday February 8th at 1pm---join me at Kirkwood Mall for a Girl Scout Cookie Eating Contest.  Come root me on to victory.   Girl Scout Cookies go on sale on Friday January 7th.   So plan on buying a few boxes to help out the girls!!


Girl Scout Cookie Facts:


They’re older than your grandma – When did it all begin?  Girl Scout Cookie sales began in 1917.

Only two companies make all the cookies – Only two companies have been licensed to bake each and every one of the cookies that are sold by the Girl Scouts.

Three varieties are mandatory – The bakers can propose new varieties of cookies to the Girl Scouts each year, but three varieties must be produced each and every year: Thin Mints, Do-Si-Dos (Peanut Butter Sandwiches) and Trefoils (Shortbreads).

Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies used to cost less than a quarter – These days, you’re looking at paying between three and four bucks per box.

Some Cookies have been retired – Not every variety ever made was a success, including Fruity Mango Cremes, Iced Berry Pinatas, and Lemon Drops.  I'm so happy that the Thin Mints are a winner and they are the biggest seller each and every since since their introduction!!   (Thrillist.com)