This day in time---be very careful what you do in public--it could wind up on-line on let's say You Tube!   There are some things that we all just need to do in public...but some people find the need to do them in public view.  Be smart and DON'T do these things in public!!  Plus--you NEVER know who is watching---would Mr. or Miss Right wanna be with someone who does this stuff?  NOT!!!


•)Clipping your fingernails or toenails

•)Singing loudly with your headphones on

•)Picking your nose

•)Eat a complete meal on public transportation--like riding the bus and chowing down!

•)Talking on your cell phone in a checkout line at the store.

•)Flossing your teeth.

•)PDA---holding hands is great, but much beyond that a big NO NO!!!


•)Arguing loudly or making a scene