The job market is pretty good here in North Dakota--with above average starting wages and sometimes signing bonuses for people coming to work--I've seen signs around Bismarck offering $500-$1,000 for coming to work---tempting, eh?   But in the work a day world--it's essential to be a person that your company and of course your boss wants to have around.    So---IF you say some of these things to your boss---you may be on the outside looking in...a little advice from your "Early Morning Radio Pal."



Yelling----"I need a raise."

Saying----“That just isn’t possible.”

Making the statement:  “I can’t stand working with (fill in the blank with the name).”

Bragging----“I partied too hard last night.” Or … “I'm so hung over!”

Claiming----“It’s not my fault.”

Simply Saying---“But we've always done it this way."

And oh my gosh---DO NOT SAY THIS ONE:  “Let me set you up with (fill in the blank with the persons name)” (