Found some good stuff on about choosing to work from home and here's what I found for you!


One big employment trend in recent years has definitely been an increase in the numbers of people working from home.

While working from home seems like a dream for those still trudging into the office every day, here's a rundown of some of the toughest challenges people who work from home face:

Motivation -- Since there's no one around to push you, you've got to motivate yourself. It's either sink or swim.

Managing Time -- You've got to stick to your schedule, otherwise you'll get distracted way too easily.

Handling Distractions -- When you're at home, you can pretty much do anything you want, whenever you want. But, you really can't do this if you're going to survive. It takes discipline to sit in your office and crank out your work.

Being Isolated -- While you may interact with tons of people each day on the phone and online, working from home means you're pretty much alone. All day. Every day.