Summer officially arrives on Saturday---so nice to experience summertime here in North Dakota---especially after the really long winter we have.   Well the weather guru over at Channel 5 says this coming winter may not be as bad as last years---YAY!!


After the infamous “Polar Vortex” that swept across the US last year, and after the cold snowy winter we had last year in North Dakota, I’m sure we all have been wishing for a long warm summer and hoping that we don’t have another crazy winter like 2014.  It turns out that wish may just come true for winter 2015.  Weather predictions are calling for a mild winter this year due to El Nino, which is the warming of surface ocean waters in the Eastern tropical Pacific Ocean. 

I have read several reports of this winter being milder and warmer than 2014.  Yes!  According to KFYR-TV’s Chief Meteorologist, Kevin Lawrence, this winter has a great possibility of being warmer and dryer than the year before.  

El Nino affects the US in different ways; during fall/winter in the north, it will be warm and dry, while fall/winter in the south can have more rain.

If, during last winter, you were wishing for a much milder year for 2015, that wish just may come true!

Source: KFYR-TV