Remember the first time you ever saw or used a microwave?  For me it was an old Amana Radar Range.  Pretty spectacular for the year of 1969.  It was at a restaurant some friends of my parents owned called "The Jolly Boy" in Bellevue, just outside of Seattle.  And nowadays can you even imagine life without a microwave---I think not!  It makes serving my favorite veggies so easy and of course for heating up meals and leftovers.   I have a microwave that belonged to my mom and it has a huge turntable inside and cooks beautifully.    Now get ready for the most amazing new microwave EVER!!


An inventor has combined a microwave with a computer--- and has a bunch of really cool new stuff built it and it simply makes in the most advanced and state of the art microwave oven on this planet.

The man who came up with this is Nathan Broadbent calls his new invention the Raspberry Picrowave, which has the following out of this world features:

•The Clock sets and updates itself across the Internet(no more changing the time twice a year!!)

•A barcode scanner actually grabs cooking instructions from an online database

•This Microwave uses real Voice Commands, like “Microwave, Sixty seconds, High” gets the microwave working

•COOL Custom sound effects (because beeps are too outdated and very old fashioned)

•You can even control the microwave from your cell phone--LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT

•It even tweets when it’s all done working it's magic or if you prefer---cooking (


The only thing I couldn't find out was how much this puppy costs...probably pricey!!