This is no way to make friends! The Washington Post published a list of the ugliest counties in the country and many of the ugliest (according to the story) border the Minnesota and North Dakota boarder or are located in the Midwest.

The prettiest county went to  Ventura County, California,  known for its warmer winters (temperature of 53.8 degrees in January) with lots of sunlight (224 hours).

The ugliest county went to Red Lake County in Minnesota

There were six areas they looked at to come up with the rankings. The index combines "six measures of climate, topography, and water area that reflect environmental qualities most people prefer".

  • mild sunny winter
  • temperate summers
  • low humidity
  • topographic variation
  • access to a body of water
Some of the worst or ugliest counties include-
  • Trail County, ND
  • Grand Forks County, ND
  • Norman County, MN
The article ranked #1 (Ventura Country, CA)  to #3111(Red Lake County, MN).
Burleigh County ranked # 2685
Morton County ranked # 2283
I'm sure we can debate these results, as we know we have it good here in North Dakota. You can see the entire ranking of the counties here.