I will be totally honest---I am NOT a fan of shoveling snow and clearing it away.  I do have a great neighbor--his name is Bruce and he rocks...he has a Bobcat and a snowthrower and this winter and last winter he has cleared my driveway and walkways---I love this guy!   I'm so blessed to have him living across the street from me.   Over in Michigan there is yet another great neighbor and this story is just too good not to share....check it out!!


This guy over in Michigan--specifically the city of Battle Creek(the headquarters of Kellogg's Cereals) is Brian Torrey and he is being declared as a hero after he cleared his neighbors' walkways and driveways of snow in subzero temperatures – absolutely free and he wasn't even asked to.  What a great guy.  Brian used his trusty snowblower – an item he snagged at a yard sale nine months ago in warmer weather. He says, “I decided to fire it up and get out here and start helping people.” (News Yahoo)