I love a great success story--especially when it's sports related---take Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco...pretty spectacular in my book---check this out!


Joe Flacco is having quite a year. Not only did he win a Super Bowl ring, the Super Bowl MVP Award, and become the highest paid football player in America this year – he’s also now signed on to become a movie star, playing the role of legendary quarterback Johnny Unitas.

The movie, Unitas We Stand, is being co-produced by Joe Unitas, the son of the late quarterback.

But, not everyone is happy about the choice. Some family members have already blasted the decision to have Flacco in the role, calling it “an embarrassing choice.” They want either a real actor in the role – or a better quarterback.

Filming is scheduled to start this summer. (ESPN.com)

I personally think this is NO embarrassing choice....try to find a better Quarterback than this Joe....don't think you could do it!!