Townsquare Media would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of those who took the time to vote for Christmas With Us. While there were a number of deserving individuals, this year's winner is the Schriock Family. In September, Darla fainted while teaching first grade at Jeanette Myrhe Elementary School. She was taken to the Mayo Clinic, where doctors diagnosed her with a benign, but very large tumor in her brain that prevents fluid from draining back into her body. Darla has had a number of surgeries to drain the fluid from her brain and will have to head back to Mayo for more surgery in January. Depending on what doctors find, Darla may have to undergo chemotherapy or radiation afterward. As one might imagine, this ordeal has been incredibly hard on the family, which includes her husband, Shane, daughter, Addyson (4), and son, Easton (1). Medical bills have added up quickly for the family and it's difficult for them to keep up.

We at Townsquare Media hope we can help make Christmas just a bit brighter for the Schriock family. Our continued thoughts and well-wishes are with them into the new year!