Thanks to Thrillist, this publication continues to provide me an endless amount of stories to write about and I'm very proud to share this NoDak award with you!

Thrillist is the webpage that awarded the best burger in North Dakota last week. This is the webpage that published the list of the best dive bar and the best pizza in each state.

Here is one award I wish Thrillist would explain to me, but as you'll see, the official comment is no explanation needed.

Every state is known for something. It's like the prize plaque that would hang on the welcome sign to each state.

For example, in next door in Minnesota, according to Thrillist, it would be the most food cooperative state.

In Montana, the best thing about Big Sky Country is the state cats live the longest.

Are you ready for this one?

North Dakota, take pride and be proud! Stand tall!

The Peace Garden State is know for our penis size! Not just any size, North Dakota is the biggest penis state according to Thrillist!


From everything our beautiful state has to offer, this is just one more thing that folks travel from the far corners of the world to see!

North Dakota is the state for  BIGGEST PENISES!

I could think of many other things we can be proud of. (not to say we're not proud of this)

Mario Tama / Getty Images

Walk softly my friend!