Are you planning on traveling this holiday season? Are you prepared to deal with the agonizing headache and stress that will accompany you?



Here are 10 tips for surviving holiday travel ...

10. Make the most of the airport bar. Have a drink. Watch a game. Relax.

9. Stand in the security line behind a beautiful woman.

8. Create a new persona for yourself. Give yourself a new name and profession and talk to the passenger next to you. It's fun.

7. Drink beer in the airport, coffee on the plane. Drinking booze on the plane will make your tired and cranky.

6. Wherever you go, visit the gym.

5. Do not check your luggage.

4. Keep your visit to a maximum of four days.

3. If you're going to someone's house, bring something. Do not show up empty-handed.

2. Take a cab home from the airport instead of asking someone to pick you up.

1. Plan your trip two months in advance.