You know---there's nothing worse then being in a committed relationship and having the one you love betray your love by cheating on you.  I married a girl in 1997--and within a year of us getting married she was cheating on me.   Broke my heart big time.  I ignored the red flags and of course I paid the price.   Now ladies a little advice for you.  Without solid proof---like finding texts from someone who isn't you or some lipstick on your guy's collar.  You may dismiss your suspicions that he is cheating.  But usually when a women has an inkling that something is going on---she is usually right!!


If you are looking for something a little more convincing than just a hunch to confront him with, check out these distinctive traits that all men who cheat share.   If you find these things to be the case---I would confront your man, rather than just sit back and let resentment and anger build up!

Here are the traits all cheaters have in common:

•He's secretive: Especially about his phone, laptop and tablet. If he frequently ignores calls and text notifications when you are around, or changes his passcode frequently, there may be a good chance he's hiding something or someone from you.

•He disrespects his mother: Men who don't treat their moms right are more likely to treat their wives and girlfriends badly as well.

•He's critical of you: this is how cheaters make you doubt what you know to be true! If he is being overly critical of you---then you're less likely to confront him about his very bad behavior!!!

•He's memory isn't so good: he never remembers your birthday, special events and days that are a part of your relationship, can't remember your favorite perfume or the flower you love the most.  The truth is simply this---he just doesn't want to get confused! He probably knows all the stats on his favorite football or baseball team but says he can't remember how you take your coffee! (Glo)