With the holiday season officially here, it just might mean some traveling--perhaps hopping in the car and heading over the river and through the woods to grandma's house, or it might mean flying the friendly skies to visit another part of the country.   Flying during the holiday season can be stressful and not always a lot of fun---because of other passengers.   I came up with a list of the worst people to fly with---see IF you agree with me!



•Someone overweight---that is big enough they start taking up part of your seat.

•An elderly person that seems to slow everyone down because they can’t recall which bag is theirs

•Someone who does grasp how that bathroom door works.

•The child sitting behind you that continually kicks the back of your seat.

•The traveler that keeps talking and won't be quiet...not even for a minute.

•And last but not least----the crying, fussy baby.

I usually sleep when I fly and many times the people I mentioned keep me from doing that.  And I do LOVE a window seat---wanna see where I'm going!!