I was sad when I heard there were going to be no more Twinkies and especially after I went to 2-3 grocery stores and found they were sold out a few months ago.  Got a little good news for all of us fans of the cream-filled sponge cake.  For those of you who are still in mourning over the loss of Hostess Twinkies, you can take off the black dress soon.

The now defunct Hostess has sold its spongy, cream-filled cakes to Apollo Global Management and Metropoulos & Co., investment firms that bid $410 million on the dessert.

Their goal is to have Twinkies back on shelves by early this summer with other options like low-cal and chocolate-filled. They also have comedian Zack Galifinakis as their spokesperson. (Newser)  Personally---I can't wait to try the chocolate-cream filled Twinkies--that and a big glass of milk---YES!!!