Three Bismarck natives who have seen the world wanted to bring it to their childhood home, and today they did just that.

June 30 marked opening day for new downtown Bismarck cafe-concept shop Terra Nomad by Chris Tello, Julia Kubesh and Tyler Romine, who all grew up here.

According to KX News, "Some even feel like they're in a different city." Which is exactly what the three co-founders were going for.

Tello, Kubesh and Romine are all former travelers who wanted to share their favorite discoveries from their adventures with fellow Bismarckians.

Coffee from the West Coast, soup from the East Coast, and clothing from everywhere in between can be found within Terra Nomad's unique big-city-esque environment, which must be experienced to be described. Says Kubesh:

We wanted it to be like a family. We wanted people to come in and build a relationship with us and just know us. We're downtown. We're in the heart of Bismarck. We want people to feel comfortable being here.

It's a metropolitan experience cozily located in the heart of rural America -- the wonders of traveling, right from the comfort of our own home.