If you know anything about me--one of my biggest pet peeves is smoking.  Both of my parents smoked---yet my younger brother Jon and I NEVER have smoked.   Well some new reasons to never pick up the habit--especially for women--are out so please--if you're a smoker--or thinking about it---check this stuff out:


A study found that smoking ages you prematurely---we all want to look younger, and smoking has just the opposite effect.  In the November issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, they looked at around 80 sets of identical twins---and they discovered that the twin who smoked definitely looked older.   Seems those smokers had some saggy upper eyelids, more wrinkles on their face, bags under their eyes and even saggy jowls.  To me---if those aren't some pretty good and valid reason to kick the habit of smoking once and for all-----I have no idea what is!!   (UPI)