99.9% of the time, opposing basketball teams each have five players on the court at a time. Wednesday night, February 24th, in Bottineau, United Tribes ended the game with just two and still nearly pulled out the victory.

The United Tribes Technical College mens basketball team sent just five players to Bottineau to face Dakota College Bottineau, according to the Bottineau Courant.

So, what exactly does that mean? That means that the five UTTC players that suited up had to play the entire game, which ended up going into double overtime.

It also meant that those five players had to stay out of foul trouble, which is pretty difficult to do in a game that goes to double overtime.

Unfortunately, three of UTTC's five players couldn't avoid that trouble and fouled out, leaving the team with only two players on the court for the final minute of the second overtime.

Picturing a team only having two players on the court at the end of the game is astonishing enough, but what's even more astonishing is that UTTC managed to only lose by two points, 156-154.

The defeat brings UTTC's season to an end. Dakota College Bottineau will host the Region XIII championship game this Sunday, February 28th.

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