I realize Valentine's Day has officially passed---but many people celebrate all weekend long.  And IF you didn't do good on Friday...you can still pull off some romantic magic during the weekend.  Here's 4 great ideas that you can do this weekend!!



Profess Your Love – You can get a personalized website for as low as $10. Just stick a dot-com or dot-net on the end of your two names together, or try i-love-HIS-OR-HER-NAME.com and upload some photos and a romantic Valentine’s Day message.  This way the whole world will know who you love and that you're IN love!!

Doing Something Special – Is there something your special someone has really been wanting to do but you’ve been putting it off?   Well---now’s the time to follow through and do that something special that will really make their day.

A Treasure Hunt – Hide clues around your house - or get daring and do it in public places – which direct your Valentine to a special treasure. The treasure could be something as simple as finding a love note or a very nice bottle of wine.

Photo Gifts – If you’ve been with your special someone for a length of time, you probably have a bunch of great photos. Why not get some of those photos printed up  and buy a few frames. You’re done. (Consumerist)