Volunteers will arrive in Strasburg, North Dakota on August 1st to help repair and restore Lawrence Welk’s boyhood home.  It’s a 3-day event where volunteers will be treated to German food and entertainment between work sessions.  Over 200 people have already signed up to help. 



The State Historical Society of North Dakota voted to buy the homestead in January from Welk’s two nieces.  The six-acre land and home were purchased with the stipulation that repairs must be made first, as it is listed on The National Register of Historic Places. 

The historical society plans on making the homestead a tourist destination to show the importance of agriculture and the region’s German-Russian heritage.

One thing you may not know Lawrence Welk did have a #1 pop hit in the early 60's a song called "Calcutta" an up-tempo instrumental on Dot Records.  It really did hit #1 on the Top-40!!

Source: The Associated Press