Alrighty--for a very special Halloween Treat, beginning at 9pm on Halloween night, Cool 98.7 will broadcast the original "War Of The Worlds" from 1938. You'll get to hear it the same way people did 74 years ago.   It panicked a nation, but this time around it's just for fun.  It lasts one hour!


Then coming up at 10pm, it's the musical version of "War Of The Worlds" with the Moody Blues' Justin Hayward, David Essex and the late Richard Burton handing the narration.  It's a real treat to get all of us to use our imaginations!   This version lasts around 90 minutes.  This is real theater of the mind, and the way radio used to be--before the advent of television!   LIsten tonight AND enjoy!!


Enjoy them both back to back starting at 9pm!   It's exclusively on "Cool 98.7!!"