Today I wax's been a quarter of a century---25 years since the invention of the internet.  Yes--kids---there was actually a time when there was NO internet--believe it or not.   It's been an interesting 25 years, and so many things have improved and are better because of being able to go on-line---but perhaps NOT everything.  I do have four ways I think life may have been a bit better BEFORE the internet.   See IF you agree!


•Discovering new music at a record store – Remember the excitement of waiting and counting down the days until a brand new album by one of your favorite music stars was going to be released? I can remember standing in line at midnight to be one of the first fans to get that album in my hot little hands.

•Receiving an actual real letter in the mail – Reading what was actually written by a friend or family member sure meant a lot more back than it seems to these days.

•Having a real conversation with people – There’s a big difference between hearing someone laugh, their inflection and their facial expression in person verses seeing the words LOL on your computer screen or as a text on your cell phone.

•Getting actual, physical birthday cards – It used to be really cool getting birthday cards in the mail...versus getting a bunch of Facebook messages.  Am I right??? (TheStir)