I was reading GQ Magazine and they had some really good thoughts on how to get in shape quickly and easily for Spring & Summer.   And since we've had a long cold winter here in the Dakotas...got some COOL ways to get in shape and be looking good!!  This is great stuff for BOTH men and women!!



Grease your pans with olive-oil cooking spray – Too many calories in a pat of butter.

Use small blue plates – This is an amazing idea---small plates trick your brain into thinking that you're eating more and studies have shown that blue objects actually suppress your appetite.
  Now--how easy is that???

Drink a glass of water before every meal – You’ll end up consuming around 10% less calories during your meal.

Cut out pop – The dumbest empty calories on the planet.

Work standing up – After sitting for just an hour, your body winds up slowing it's production of fat-burning enzymes by as much as 90 percent. Get a standing desk for your health and for your waistline.

Walk – Walk wherever and wherever you can. And, if you can----get a dog. One study found that people who walked their dogs 20 minutes a day dropped an average of fourteen pounds in a year.   And you  have a 4-legged buddy to keep  your company and dogs just love us---no matter what!!