You have to admit--we're all pressed to find the time to do all we need to you can maximize the time you do have by being very productive---all while sitting on the toilet!!  And since I am your "Early Morning Radio Pal" found some good things you can do while you're sitting on the john.....use these words of wisdom!!



•Read (Seriously!!!) – Instead of wasting time on Twitter or on your smart phone, try reading something you should have read a long time ago, like The Purpose Driven Life---that is one of the best books on this planet.

•Groom – Grab those nail clippers and take care of those out of control toenails. Or swipe your girlfriend’s tweezers and work on that that unibrow of yours

•Work on Your Grip – While you can’t bench press or do dumbbell curls on the pot, you can get some exercise those forearms of yours by squeezing on a hand gripper.

•Plan Your Schedule – Take the time you spend on the throne to plan your days, weeks, and months ahead. (GuyCodeBlog)