Job hunting here in the new year?   Here in North Dakota jobs are plentiful but not always the best paying---sometimes just $10 an hour.   But if you have your eyes set on a specific job, here's how to get the gig!  But if landing a new gig isn’t really your forte, don’t worry … we have tips that can ACTUALLY help!

Not hiring? Set up an interview anyway! – Get to know the people in your chosen field and get your name out there so they’ll remember you when the time comes!

Get the scoop on your dream job – Don’t treat interviews like some generic cattle call. Do the research on your dream company so you sound prepared and in the know by the time you get the interview.

Ask questions back – The interviewer will have plenty of questions for you, but if you come prepared with your own questions, they’ll know you’re serious and they’ll have more respect for you as a candidate. (The Frisky