This may be the time of year when you dine out more and if so, you don't want to make your server---your waiter or waitress upset....after all this IS the person serving and touching your food.   So here are things you should NOT do when dining out---pay attention to these!!



•)Splitting up the check in a multitude of ways, especially after it's been delivered.

•)Telling your server:  "Oh, I didn't like this – can I get something else?"

•)Leaving the tip in nickels, dimes and quarters

•)Using a coupon, then also discounting your tip---a NO NO!!

•)Snapping, screaming, or whistling at your server.

•)Sending back and entree that you've eaten over half of.

•)Ordering while you're on your cellphone.  How you would feel if someone did that to you??  

Now you know!!  (