Alrighty Guys---you've got "Miss Right," and you've decided to settle down with this lovely young lady, and so you're thinking it's time to "pop the question."   It's a good idea to give this some thought, because the way your propose is going to be shared again and again, at least until you split up---which hopefully WON'T happen.   So---before you make your proposal----here's some ways NOT to do it!!


•E-Mailing her your proposal

•Doing it with a Tattoo

•At a concert or sporting event

•On a 4x6 note card with the notation---please circle your response--Yes OR No.

•Through Facebook, Twitter or any kind of social media.

I think the old fashioned way---on bended knee is still a pretty cool way to do it, and even asking her father's permission----but I am a bit "old school!"   I will share with you the way I did it one time---I proposed marriage live on my morning radio show back in the 90's---AND she did say "yes"---that could have been very uncomfortable for me IF she said "No" with the whole world listening....