Approximately half of all Americans will have a smart phone by Christmas of this year. We're definitely living in as connected a world as ever, but at what cost?

Smart phones do some great things for us -- but they also make us look like dolts.

Here are some ways your cell phone is making you look like an idiot:

You take it out in inappropriate situations -- That thing needs to be hidden during funerals, dinners, movies and when you're playing with your kids. Pull it out at any of these times and you look like a tool.

You take self-portraits with it -- What are you? 12?

You have an obnoxious ring tone -- There are three options ... Silent. Vibrate. Simple ring. If you've got anything else blasting out of your cell phone, you obviously have way too much time on your hands.

You use it to butcher the English language -- Any adult who uses LOL or emoticons has obviously been infected with idiot-itis and needs to be quarantined.

You take naughty pictures with it -- Nothing good can happen when you drop trow and create a digital record of the breezy adventure.