Have you gotten an invitation to a wedding yet?   Are you planning to get married?  Or maybe one of your kids is going to be taking the plunge.   IF that IS the case---it's gonna get pricey---you may want to think about a second mortgage----Seems that the average wedding here in 2014 will set you back right around $30,000!!!  YIKES!!!!



A year ago in 2013---Newlyweds – or their families – spent an average of $29,858 and that is up 5% from 2012.   Much of the cost depends on where you live.  IF you like in a big city like Minneapolis--your wedding WILL cost more and there isn't a whole lot that you can do about it.    Back east in the "Big Apple"--New York City couples who got married there--spent an average of $87,000---which is $10,000 more than 2012.   Meanwhile in states like Idaho and Utah--those folks spent the least---wedding costs in both those states average under $17,000.   This makes me think---eloping is beginning to look really really good!!! (CBSNews)