I'm a pretty conventional griller---steaks, pork chops, chicken, burgers, ribs and fish.  But I do have friends in North Dakota that love to take grilling to a whole new level.  And I have a list of things I have seen and tasted grilled right here in North Dakota!    Maybe you'll be the next to do some experimentation, eh??  Another weekend is just a few days away!!



Meatballs (kinda like a burger cooked on the grill---much tastier!!!)

      Green beans (not a green bean fan, but pretty good)

      Watermelon (surprisingly it's actually pretty good---but takes awhile to get    used to)

      Broccoli (just don't cook it too long so it doesn't get all blackened)

      Grilled cheese sandwiches  (Put a little bacon on mine please!!!)

     Asparagus (excellent!!!)

     Pizza  (that turns out amazing with one of those Big Green Egg grills---truly amazing!!!!)