If you know anything about me...I am definitely a "Dog Person."  Nothing against cats, but dogs--especially Beagles---are just simply Cool.   Some people really drive me crazy when they treat their dogs like they are people....and in my humble opinion the ways that way do it make my list, and here ya go!


•Letting them sit in the drivers seat of their car while they are driving--this is scary.

•Feeding their dog really very pricey food--stuff that costs more than what I may eat.

•Genuine jewels like a diamond on their dog's leash or on the dog's collar.  

•Taking them out in a baby carriage

•Bringing them on vacation and even worse letting them fly with them.

•Dressing them up in sweaters or coats.

•Talking to them like they can really comprehend and grasp what they are saying.

•Taking their dogs into stores like Wal-Mart and Target, or even Kirkwood Mall---please---why not leave them at home.   (Uncoached.com)