We're upgrading our equipment to give you a brand new antenna!

Here's what happened: A few months back, our antenna fried up. The assumption is that moisture got into it, which led to the "frying". So, the antenna needs to be replaced, which isn't exactly an easy thing to do. Not even taking into account the cost of the antenna, we have to find an opportunity to bring in guys to climb the tower and install the antenna. With North Dakota weather the way it is, that hasn't been a very easy task.

Cool went off the air at approximately 8:45 this morning (Wednesday). We should be back on the air by the end of the day.

So, while we're off the air, don't forget that you can always listen to Cool online or on your smart phone with the RadioPup app.

Once the new antenna is installed, we'll be back to full power and you'll be able to hear Cool all over North Dakota.

Thank you for your patience regarding this matter. We really do appreciate it.