Even though the economy still seems to be sputtering along, spending on costumes, candy and decorations is expected to increase this year.

A National Retail Federation poll found that, on average, people expect to spend over 66 dollars on the holiday, with 23 dollars going toward costumes, 20 dollars being spent on candy and almost 19 dollars on decorations.

The grand totals? 148 million Americans are expected celebrate Halloween this year, spending 5.8 billion dollars. Last year, Americans only spent 4.75 billion.


Halloween is going high-tech: According to AppCraver.com, here are the best Halloween smartphone apps out there:

True Ghost Stories From Around the World -- The stories you get with this app are all user-written, which makes them scarier (and more interesting) than a lot of the Hollywood fluff out there. Users can also upload photographic proof of their scary tales.

Ghost Capture -- This app allows you to insert ghosts into your pictures.

Halloween Plus -- There are tons of apps out there with Halloween music loops, sound boards, ring tones, countdown calendars and costume ideas. This one has all those functions.

Zombie Me -- You start with a picture from your camera roll, then add makeup, blood drops, goofy zombie eyes and mouths and clothes, turning any friend into a zombie.