Gotta Smartphone?  I have my IPhone and I'm pretty happy with all the things it can do.  Although, I'm happy with a phone that takes and makes calls, does text messages, takes a pic or two and that I can browse the internet with---check sports scores, use the GPS that's part of the phone, so I know where I am on road trips,  and listen to COOL 98.7 on the Radiopup app.   LOVE IT!  I know my phone can do more, but that's just me!


Found the results of a new survey and it looks like most of us have no problem using smartphones in public restrooms and even in bed.

75% of Americans say they don't have any problem using their phones in a public restroom, and around 77% would do the same while in bed with someone else. And it turns out--as I suspected 58% of use their phones when spending time with family, while 62% do the same around their friends.

Some more survey results – 28% – have used their smartphones on a date and 48% said they would be comfortable using their devices in church.  And my Pastor at New Song Church in Bismarck--encourages people to use social media during church, just don't have the ringer turned out, or will will point you out---and that's a little embarassing!!  (