A West Fargo man owes his life and home to five neighborhood kids and a few Super Soaker squirt guns.

The West Fargo Fire Department released a statement Tuesday, May 31st, stating that firefighters were called to extinguish a deck fire at an apartment unit earlier in the day.

When firefighters arrived, though, they found the remains of a planter that had caught fire, but the blaze was already out.

So, what happened? Well, according to the press release, which was posted by InForum, five kids from the neighborhood saw the fire, alerted the man inside the apartment, who was on home oxygen and couldn't leave the residence, and then extinguished the flames themselves using their squirt guns.

The West Fargo Fire Department applauded the kids for their quick thinking, stating that it was because of their actions that the apartment unit didn't sustain more damage.

They may have also saved the man living inside the unit's life, because there's no telling what would have happened if the flames were able to continuing consuming the residence.