When it comes to pets---I currently don't have any--but I am a big fans of dogs.  The girl I date Sherry---doesn't have any pets either---so maybe we'll be a bit mysterious to each other.  But if you've started dating someone---the kind of pets they have can tell you things about that person you might not always find out for awhile.   Here's the run down on women with animals and a little insight into her personality!!



•)How about if she has a Kitty Cat?  Cats are pretty independent and self-sufficient, which means your girl probably is as well. And since a cat can pretty much take care of itself, your lady will most likely have no problem leaving her cat alone to spend a night out with you on a date.

•)Girls who have dogs are usually sporty and fairly low-maintenance.

 •)If she owns a reptile, like a frog, toad, snake or lizard, expect her to be a little freaky or self-absorbed.

•)Bird-owners are very bubbly, talkative and optimistic---AND fun to be with.

•)Girls with rabbits or guinea pigs and ferrets probably don't care much about super clean---multiple showers each day.   Same thing with girls who keep rodents as pets.

•)The women who owns a horse tend to be wealthy and pretty high-maintenance.

•)Last but not least----some girls actually have insects as pets, like butterflies or ant farms. As you might guess, they're very into science and probably a little different and probably have kids. (Coed.com)